Forest bathing…an all encompassing therapy

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Have you ever heard of Forest Bathing? This is not literally a bath in the forest, but indulging all five senses in the surroundings of a forest. It has a hugely positive impact on us, mentally and physically and is becoming more and more accepted as a method of therapy by many, including medical professionals.

It is a Japanese idea and way of life, known as shinrin-yoku (meaning forest bath) developed in the 1980's, created as a preventative medicine. A UK study by King's College London from 2018 showed us that exposure to trees, the sky and birdsong within cities improved overall wellbeing and mental health.

Many countries and cultures have known and understood the benefits of nature on our health and wellbeing, so why do so many of us spend so much time indoors? Perhaps as it's not a pill, we can't visually see a 'treatment' or tangible results, but if you're curious, maybe it's time to explore and spend some time amongst the beauty of nature, and see how you feel during and after. Just a 20 minute walk each day could make all the difference!

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